Heating Myth Busting: Time To Develop Your Knowledge

Myths about Heating by Wise Energy

It may be cold outside, but developing your knowledge on heating could save you the earth this winter. Hold off turning up that thermostat, we have some tips to make the most of your heating!

Previous surveys from the Energy Saving Trust have indicated that four fifths of Britons believe that they understand their heating systems, with half misusing their household energy by reaching for the thermostat. We look at the most common household heating questions and sort the fact from the fiction.

The temperature is dropping outside – Should I turn up my thermostat?

A thermostat will maintain the temperate of the home inside regardless of the weather. As long as your home is well insulated, there should be no need to turn up the existing temperature if the weather worsens.

Is it better to leave the heating on a lower consistent setting?

A popular myth, many people think that leaving their heating system on a low and consistent temperate if better than turning it off and on again. However this tends not to be the case as there is no benefit to heating a house or property when no one is occupying it!

If I turn up the thermostat, will it heat the room quicker?

This is a common misconception, as turning up the heat does not heat a room any quicker, it merely makes the temperature hotter when the desire temperature is finally reached.

Are portable heaters cheaper to run than central heating?

It tends to be best to use central heating to heat your home. If it is only necessary to heat a few rooms, try using your thermostatic radiator valves to avoid heating empty spaces and wasting heat. Many portable heaters are run through electricity, which is much more expensive than gas and can add a hefty sum to your energy bills.

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