Energy Saving Gadgets: The Best of the Bunch

Energy Saving Gadgets

With many clever gadgets available on the market to help save households money, we take a closer look at the smart ways to cut energy bills in your home this winter.

Radiator Reflectors

A relatively simple way of getting the most out of your radiators, these clever aluminium panels work by reflecting heat back into a room when placed behind the radiators themselves. Not only are they cheap and easy to install, they are perfect for preventing heat disappearing through the walls.

Chimney Balloon

If you have a fireplace that is out of use, consider a chimney balloon. An inflatable balloon bag designed to stop warm air escaping from the room, this handy product also prevents cold draughts and minimises heat loss. Placed within the chimney breast, this special laminate design is easily hidden away, but with very noticeable results.

Home Energy Monitor

A small gadget that provides information on which appliances are using the most energy and how much they are costing on average per year. These devices are perfect for raising awareness on just how efficient your household could be by helping to make changes that will save you money on your gas and electricity bills.

Energy Management Systems

In an age of technology, controlling your household appliances and energy systems through an app or smartphone is an effective way to ensure that you are in control of where your energy is going and how your money being spent.
Not only that, it also allows remote control of appliances and heating systems, allowing you to ensure that no energy is wasted whilst away from home.

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