Boiler Maintenance: Some Handy Hints

Boiler Maintenance and Servicing by Wise Energy

Keeping your boiler in good condition not only benefits your home, but your wallet too. Boilers are expensive to repair and more expensive to replace, so follow our handy hints to make the most of your boiler, keeping you safe and saving you money!

Gas Safety

When a boiler is damaged, there is a chance that it is producing deadly carbon monoxide gas. Not only is this gas void of smell or taste, it can potential kill, making it a priority to install a carbon monoxide detector in your home. Check every month to ensure that it is in fully working order for a safer home.

Annual Servicing

Ensure that your boiler is serviced once a year by a qualified engineer listed on the Gas Safe Register. The service will include an inspection of all boiler parts and the cleaning the components.

Avoid the clutter

Boilers need space and ventilation around them to work at their most efficient capacity so ensure that it is kept free from clutter and easy to access.

Check for changes

Check your boiler regularly for any changes to the appearance of your boiler as this can suggest a problem – this can include leaks, cracks, black marks and unusual noises.

Turn on the heating

Experts recommend that you turn on your heating for 10 -15 minutes every now and again, even during the summer months, to keep the boiler from seizing up.
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